Our partners provide different resources to the refugees and their sponsors.

Canadian Alliance for Syrian Aid

The Canadian Alliance for Syrian Aid (CASA) is an umbrella organization that seeks to coordinate and centralize the aid efforts of various communities helping Syrian refugees in Montreal. CASA is currently supporting the following organizations:

The Syrian Canadian Council Montreal

The Syrian Canadian Council is an advocacy group that was formed to connect and empower Syrians across Canada, and to mobilize Syrian Canadians to become more active members of their communities through advocacy in Syria and Canada. The SCC also aims to build bridges between Syrians and Canadians by promoting values of equality, human rights, and dignity.

The Syrian Kids Foundation

The Syrian Kids Foundation was founded by a group of Canadians aiming to offer humanitarian relief and social services to Syrian refugees across all backgrounds, sects and religions. Their services include free education, psychological counseling, dentistry, social relief, recreational activities, and essential subsidies — as well as regular free workshops on family and crisis counseling by volunteer psychologists.

Association d’Accueil des Syriens au Québec

l'Association d’Accueil des Syriens au Québec est une organisation a but non lucratif Sa mission est d'accueillir,insérer et intégrer les réfugiés syriens La mission principale pour notre association est de venir en aide aux nouveaux arrivants syriens. La mission principale pour notre association est de venir en aide aux nouveaux arrivants syriens.

The Syrian Student Association of Concordia University

Concordia’s Syrian Students Association is dedicated to improving Syrian students’ academic experience, educating themselves and others about Syrian history and culture, and building a unique Syrian foundation merged with the surrounding societies and other cultures. They are currently working with other organizations to raise funds and raise awareness about the situation in Syria.

The Syrian Student Association of McGill University

The mission of the McGill Syrian Student Association is to bring together the Syrian students at McGill University as well as the growing Syrian community in Montreal. Their role is also to motivate the community to take interest in Syria in all its aspects; from culture, to political debate, to refugee crisis, to long-term development and short-term emergency relief. They currently collaborate with organizations that provide humanitarian assistance to Syrians in need.

A Heart for Syria Association

A Heart for Syria was established with the goal of providing aid to civilians within Syria first, and laying the foundation for development initiatives and civil society groups inside the country. They have successfully organized several fundraising events in Montreal, and developed a program that involves currently over 120 women in Syria.

Je veux jouer

“Je veux jouer” means in French: “I want to play!” Playing is essential to the healthy development of children. Je Veux Jouer is a Montreal-based initiative that seeks to create a safe and comfortable place for Syrian children in crisis to play. Je Veux Jouer recognizes that playing is an important form of therapy for children who have been through traumatic experiences. It therefore aims to help children recover and develop socialization skills through play. Je Veux Jouer collaborates with existing groups in refugee camps outside of Syria in order to provide creative outlets for children.

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About Us

The Canadian Alliance for Syrian Aid (CASA) was created in the wake of the announcement that 25 000 Syrian refugees would be welcomed to Canada by the end of the month of February 2016.